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Twisted Sister — Editor’s Top Picks

Hey folks, it’s Angela here, (aka Ms. Ed Note) talking about some of our all time favorite stories and poems around Twisted Sister. What do we love most of all? The truth. (I know, it seems weird coming from a... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — One Thousand Hours Free

I liked to steal free trial discs of America Online. Every Wednesday -- that’s when our block got the big delivery of junk mail -- I’d grab my backpack, hop on my bike, and I’d flip open each mailbox in... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — A Happy Meal Ending

Juniper Haskin had one wish. She recited it each night upon spotting that first far-away star. Dandelions were blown with purpose and pennies saved for tossing into fountains. On her fifth birthday, she concentrated on the bright burning candles and... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Song of Spring

Belma Belma watched over the crowd gathering in the courtyard of the mosque. On the altar, stood a coffin. Draped over its raised head, a muslin scarf with a crocheted edge, and a small wreath of white and purple freesias... Continue Reading →

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Chess club’s an ingenuous way of escaping the rain. Every Tuesday lunchtime an array of battered old boards and scuffed playing pieces are laid out in Mrs. Brown’s classroom. It’s the oldest part of the school this: all peeling paintwork... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Year of Loathing

At night, when they get home from work, his parents strap on their weapons and go at it. Mom's is a rig lashed together from leather belts and metal braces and ram's horns, wrist-thick and corded. Dad wears a boar's... Continue Reading →

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POEM — To Breathe

She began to breathe deliberately in an attempt to exert some control   She began to breathe deliberately in an attempt to exert some control   She began to breathe deliberately in an attempt to exert some control   she... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — To Mother’s Farm

“We need him in bits before we can move him. He’s never going to fit in the car all in one piece and I’m not driving along with a fucking body propped up in the back seat wearing sunglasses and... Continue Reading →

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Radio Airplay, Female Representation — Cutting the Backstory and Jumping into History

So, to cut out all backstory – I was pissed. I was beyond pissed. After listening to the local radio station play a ‘Tribute to the Ladies’ for the better part of EIGHT hours, you’d think they could have slid... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister — Letter to the Editor, re- proposed payment

(Ed. Note -- for background on this, see Caleb Echterling's piece over here.) * Dear Ed Note (if that *is* your real name), I went to the local bar in Canada to claim your so-called “cold ones” offered in payment... Continue Reading →

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POEM — Marriage of the Eldritch Tales

Written with a nod to the style and content of the classic Eldritch Tales, this poem plays with patterning as events unfold, maintaining pacing and holding a modern reader’s interests. Thanks Carly for this one.   * Weary and crumbl’d,... Continue Reading →

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Viveca stands on the shore, smiling at the scenery. The sanguine golden Sun hangs low over the glittering waves. Dolphins tease each other and perform tricks in the distance. Viveca relishes the warm burn of sand under her feet. She... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Kat and Hero

“What do you mean they’re on to me,” Kat waved her cigarette in the air. “How the fuck would you know.” “Shh,” I leaned forward and stared into my beer. Trying to keep a low profile wasn’t working. She kept... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Early American Bankers

Charles Hobbs reached the top of a final hill. The vast winter darkness of the Atlantic stretched out before him. His eyes searched the expanse of sand between this grassy hill and the ocean. His clandestine journey from his small... Continue Reading →

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POEM — city without you

I went out dancing drank red wine I passed the time I walked I sang the church bells rang through crisp December air a thousand fluttering beating hearts were everywhere ah, distinctly, I remember it was in the bleak December... Continue Reading →

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It’s just past Valentine's, I’m 23 years old and soon, I’m going to eat somebody. When the outbreak started, I mean, really first started and tiny rumours like petulant scorpions ran haphazardly through the unit – most of us just... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister – The VD Issue

VD – Valentine’s Day, is on everyone’s lips, seeing as we’re launching this issue on February 14th. Here are Twisted Sister we believe in free love, or at least a cheap date. And we’ve got a great line up of... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Consumption

I knew he was sick when he called me delicious. It makes you go after the ones you love the most, they said. You get it, you consume, you die. I was stirring alfredo sauce into the pasta when he... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister ‘On The Rag’ Issue

A visit from Aunt Flow. Mother Nature’s Little Gift. That time of the month. An excuse to eat chips and chocolate and binge watch Netflix. Call it what you will, we’re talking periods, menstrual cycles, and all things hormonal. Here... Continue Reading →

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POEM — Overwhelmed in the Feminine Hygiene Aisle

She fumbled through the aisles Seeking – Relief – or a solution – she forgot which one And continued on her Quest Now – nearly, quite overwhelmed With choice Excess Or attainment Or some unspeakable truth   Pushing past plastic... Continue Reading →

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FLASH FICTION — The Corpse Grinder

It was the most efficient machine ever introduced to the Lavoot Home for the Mentally Disturbed, and it hadn’t cost more than the four nurses he’d sacked. Professor Clarke added up his neat columns of figures again, and shook his... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Worry Dragons

I need to switch the alarm clock off after five beeps but I’m all tangled up in my bedclothes and I don’t get there until seven. Damn it. Those two extra beeps are like the first couple of rocks in... Continue Reading →

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  He writhed at the first touch of the razor's blade. He became particularly frenzied when the handmaidens were threshing his pubic hair. So much so that we had to warn him to be still, lest the acuity remove his... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister – Let’s hear it for the guys

What can be more twisted than a feminist lit mag featuring a bunch of male writers? You got it right here on Twisted Sister, where we’re happy to hang with the guys, and are true to this whole equal rights... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Ally McBeelzebub

“We’ve been in tight spots before, Chewie, but this… “ He whipcracked the pre-nup contract. “Never ever marry a demon lawyer! Doesn’t matter how cute they look when they smile!” Ally McBeelzebub waved to him from the pool patio, and he shuddered,... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister – New Year, New Voices

Welcome to Twisted Sister – we’re ringing in the New Year by celebrating some new voices around here – newbies, we welcome you with open arms. (We were going to call it the ‘Twisted Sister -- Virgin Issue’ but we... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Cthulhu on a Tricycle

Cthulhu looked three years old, and he was riding a tricycle. Exactly three months ago, on a sunny April morning, his mother Bobbie Bungey had a strange cosmic dream before she woke up pregnant with a rapidly growing fetus in... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Green Fairy

They call her the green fairy. She stands in a spun-glass manor, draped in shades of green and weaves her spell, intoxicating and confusing and bewilderingly enchanting. Tonight, she wears bold peppermint green chiffon, contrasting blue polish and wings her... Continue Reading →

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FICTION – Louder Than Words

It’s weapons for breakfast again. Seven o’clock and my legs dangle off the kitchen stool searching for the floor. Mum sits opposite dad at the table which crosses over what used to be a separate kitchen and living room. Mum... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — An Unexpected Package

One of the greatest joys in life is getting something in the mail. I don't mean bills, medical statements, or junk mail, but real mail. A postcard from a friend abroad. A handwritten letter from your mom. A gift package... Continue Reading →

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POEM – Rue Sainte Monique

Pleas of soundly chastened brides echo through the alleyways. Ghosts of bygone lingerie lament in scented drawers. Housemaids blush at either end when Mistress bears the hairbrush. Yardsticks mark the upturned rumps of shameless company girls. * Lee Todd Lacks seeks to... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Medically Forged Ignorance

"Do you think he killed her?" "Do I think who killed who, Sarah?" Doctor Westfield asked, adjusting the rounded spectacles atop his pointed nose. He was a man of about fifty with a comb of smoothed gray hair atop his... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Duke of Dunstall

A door slammed downstairs and Tom winced. Since his Dad had brought the white Jaguar home, the erratic machine-gun fire of his parents’ arguments had burst through the peace he was used to. "Who do you think you are Frank?"... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Thinner

  Ponderous bulk, Elizabeth thought as she looked in the mirror. The weight hung heavy on her frame, slabs of flesh dangling from her arms, thighs that swayed while she walked. Disgusting, really. And her face, she thought as she... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Where The Spirits Take Them (part one)

This is an excerpt of Canadian writer Rob Dominelli’s Where the Spirits Take Them. Follow the links for Part Two,  Part Three, Part Four, and the Epilogue. Enjoy. ***   In jail, everything is up. When breakfast rolls around, someone... Continue Reading →

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POEM — Vanity

  I run my fingers along the wall tracing imaginary meaningless shapes as I make my way upstairs this new home still such a stranger   I’m unattached to much of my surroundings having never been the type to get... Continue Reading →

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  Frank looked up and nodded as I walked into the diner. From behind the breakfast bar the waitress smiled at me and picked up a stack of dishes, swiping at a table with a greasy rag. The breakfast rush... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Joachim and the Vortex

It was peak time between three and four. The carnival crowd milled about as Cara ushered in the next group of people for the ‘Vortex’ —a ferris wheel tipped on its side and capable of a sickening speed of seventy... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister Just Desserts or Payback’s a Bitch

 Image - Michael Anthony Payback – you get what you deserve, one way or another, is the theme for this issue of Twisted Sister. What better way to drive home this notion than through a tour through the seedy... Continue Reading →

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FICTION – Meat Whiplash

When Eddie Chainsaw smiles, his face looks warped – like the reflection in a fun-house mirror. It makes me glad he doesn’t smile very often. * Eddie operates the meat-cutter at McDaniel Meat. He doesn’t wear gloves, and his fingers... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Tinder Sacrifices

Tinder Sacrifices is part of a series by Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki; a amazingly majical and weird look into the lives of a coven of witches living in modern times. And, it fits our restitution quite nicely -- remember, in the world of... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — The Conroys of Monroe

Image - Michael Anthony circleMstudios Alex and Marion Conroy of Monroe are virtually indistinguishable from their suburban neighbors on Oak Lane except for two related characteristics: their sexual role-playing and their names. To the bewilderment of telemarketers, Alexandra is the... Continue Reading →

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FLASH FICTION — Strike n’ Smash

I have to admit, I fucked up again, and this time I ain’t got a leg to stand on. I’m up shit's creak and the only paddle I got is a damn public defender. At first I was free, free... Continue Reading →

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POEM — Ode to a Painful Foot

Ah, lovely five-toed nymph who bounds within forest green which god is angry at you bringing down the most horrid pain, wanting to hear you scream? Scream I shall never though foot tries to escape itself, tiny arrows plunking the... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Seven Lean Years

Seven to Seventeen Seven to seventeen years, roared the judge as I stood there, head bowed, penitent, knowing deep down, I deserved it, a respected family physician entering his later years. With good behavior I’ll be out when I’m in... Continue Reading →

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A very special thank you to Cindy Rosmus, editor supreme at Yellow Mama for sharing this story. Words cannot say enough. XO, Twisted Sister “Baby,” Angel said. “I think I’m gonna die tonight.” Sure, Cass used to think. But no more.... Continue Reading →

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FICTION — Something from the Garden

  Dear Sarah, First of all, I'm sorry. You deserve an explanation and I'm going to give you one. A mother's love knows no bounds, dear, and I've always done what I thought was best for you. Last night, when... Continue Reading →

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Twisted Sister – The F Word – Family Issue

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. -- the opening lines of Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy. Yep, that dude. Lest you think we’ve gone all high and mighty on you, rest assured Twisted... Continue Reading →

POEM — Petals and Spikes

On the street, teenage girls unite in the shadow of dark anonymity Stray lives measured by unbearable moments they can not begin to tame Toward the N train they trudge along with the youthful stance of awkwardness Giving in to... Continue Reading →

FICTION — Boom, Bust

  “Where the hell do you think you’re goin?” Mom was just warming up. Perched in her bed, surrounded by empty glasses and pill bottles, she was queen and a steel grey man’s haircut was her crown. Mom wagged her... Continue Reading →


*READER DISCRETION -- TRIGGER WARNING* He said it was only a game – a secret between you and me. It was a game he played after her mom left for work, a game of too much tickling, reaching in and... Continue Reading →

FLASH FICTION — The Christmas That Cracked

  “Merry Crissmesss!” they slurred, in unison. Cassie cringed. Billy and Sorehead. On Christmas Eve, yet. Reeking of booze at 4 P.M. “Hey!” From the couch, Nick sounded delighted. “Come in, ya fucks!” Great, Cassie thought. His old crack pals.... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister — International Women’s Day 2017 — WTF are we still doing this for?

Hey folks, It’s Angela here (aka Ms. Ed. Note). So we’re talking International Women’s Day around Twisted Sister, which seems pretty fitting given we’re a feminist lit mag and all, and we tend to focus on the issues of empowerment,... Continue Reading →

POEM — Trainees

The two of them lollipopped their toes ready for battering and deep frying. They opened their fingers up one by one like they’d learned to open up a leg of lamb to butterfly it on that meat and fish skills... Continue Reading →

POEM — Her Thighs

Her thighs ripple as she walks, Strutting down the street; Pushing past boundaries And preconceptions; Of how a woman’s body should – Move Or look Or taste   With an athletic grace And absolute power; Her ass wiggles, And her... Continue Reading →

POEM — Whittler

After Laurie Ogden’s Digging   Sandpaper and craft knife and sand knife and craft paper. Master sculptor, she guarantees she’ll build your thighs to be head-turners.   The insides she shapes spin if not perfectly then serviceably.   She’ll build... Continue Reading →

POEM — Still, She Swept

Still, she swept. She did not like housework, but this is what she was reduced to, Cleaning up after someone else. Among the dirt And dust And detritus Was a old photograph   A young couple in matching holiday sweaters, In... Continue Reading →

Women in Shirley Jackson’s Work

The story The Haunting Of Hill House, opens with a description of the characters, and what traits led to them to be selected by the doctor. Here we see the influence of the time, as free-spirited Theodora lives in an... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Bestseller with Kelley Armstrong and Brian Henry

Recently I was thrilled to join New York Times Bestselling author Kelley Armstrong and long-time editor, Brian Henry at their workshop on writing commercial fiction. As a female and Canadian writer, I believe that Kelley Armstrong has become a role model for the rest... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister — Liz McAdams vs Local Radio

A long time music fan and a writer stuck in the boonies, Liz McAdams is one who keeps her friends close and her enemies closer, and you might say there’s a good reason why she doesn’t have many neighbours. Rumour... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister — The Homage Issue

Wow, look at all you lovely, twisted, little people out there. We at Twisted Sister would be nothing without you folks -- our readers and contributors -- you help keep this thing running. So, as a way of saying thanks, we're... Continue Reading →

Put Extraterrestrials in Heaven on Notice: A Farewell to Bill Paxton

Bill,           You were a Navy SEAL and a used car salesman. You worked in a feed mill and participated in the most infamous of Apollo missions. You lived in the past, the present, and the future. You enchanted and... Continue Reading →

POEM — The Fallen Angel

‘I never felt alive on this dreaded world called Earth I’ve been driven into sadness and pain all my past life The darkened blessed shadows allowed me for a beginning of a Symbolic rebirth... If time can momentously be gone... Continue Reading →

POEM — There’s a Sister Missing

I lie asleep breeding pensive dreams of my sister, that reign over the darkness So very often they're explored with maladjusted sight, through an enabling shroud Dressed like a paper doll from the 50's, she talks to herself with contentment... Continue Reading →

POEM — Updo

I bobby pinned your bed on our last sleepover. They tangle with her hair as she sleeps beside you. * Susannah Jordan earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Queens University of Charlotte, where she served as Nonfiction Editorial Assistant for Qu,... Continue Reading →

POEM — Stuck

Peanut butter memories stuck to the roof of my mouth. Mopped up jellied mistakes with a loaf end. * Susannah Jordan earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Queens University of Charlotte, where she served as Nonfiction Editorial Assistant for Qu, the... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister meets Kelley Armstrong!

Recently a couple folks from Twisted Sister had an opportunity to attend a writing workshop with Canadian writer and New York Times best selling author, Kelley Armstrong. (insert jaw drop) This was a nice, small group of local writers who... Continue Reading →

REVIEW — Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House

In Stephen King’s On Writing he mentions Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House as one of the best ghost stories of that century – beautifully written, elegant, and sadly poetic – Shirley Jackson remains an underappreciated writer of a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW – Kelley Armstrong’s The Masked Truth

Recently a couple folks from Twisted Sister had an opportunity to attend a writing workshop with Canadian writer and New York Times best selling author, Kelley Armstrong. When your jaw settles back into place, you can check out the discussion... Continue Reading →

the ringing rhyme

the ringing rhyme the rook of time the sound of the sea in the wind the creak of the bone in the bend in the weight of the water the groan in the song of the strong ship   *... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister Deadly Desire Issue

At the end of the day all literature is about desire – the good old formula of somebody wants something, so (add in and, but for added excitement *). It seems that the work collected in this issue – from... Continue Reading →

Writing Craft from Rayne Hall: Feed Your Fiction With Your Fears

We at Twisted Sister truly appreciate Rayne Hall sharing her thoughts on writing with us, this is the second part of a short series on writing scary or suspenseful stories (check out part one — Alone into Danger for ideas on... Continue Reading →

POEM — Her Discourteous Libido

My initial thought is fuck you when she turns me down for sex It usually ends with me fucking me a scent of loss emanating from my hand Resent travels by my side like a love letter marked return to... Continue Reading →

FLASH FICTION — On the Use and Misuse of the Queen’s English

“Yo smurfs, let’s get smurfed up.” A blast of Ontario winter air followed Colin as he squeezed into the back of a Honda Accord. Two butts slid across splotchy upholstery to make room. “It’s super smurfy to see my bestest... Continue Reading →

POEM — Single White Slice

single white slice of day old Wonder looking for a relationship with mustard and mayo and who knows what else!? loves lying in the sun under a toaster oven and taking a French dip with peppercorns fascinated by exotic locations... Continue Reading →

POEM — Athena and Me

Athena, a millionaire amber-eyed proctologist with spiked blue hair, was no dummy: though her fingers wore condoms instead of gloves when she ventured into netherworlds, more than one patient resurrected from the temple of near-death. Athena often snarled Asshole! and... Continue Reading →

FICTION — Flyby Girl

Naomi spotted the unsuspecting woman near the fragrance counter on the main floor of the department store and slowed her gait so just the right number of people would converge where the brunette stood. In the last few seconds before... Continue Reading →

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