Carly Zee Twisted Sister Poetry

Poem — For Her, With Love

   Photo credit – Z photography 


She looked into the mirror, and saw a pretty girl hiding beneath beard stubble;

Her heart ached with longing for things she could never have,

Except at the expense of a bottle.

           An injection.

A chemical to evoke change, and make her become

What she already was –

A glorious butterfly.


With love, and laughter, and a great deal of pain –

And a general fucked-upness;

She became strength,

She became power,

She became who she was.


Beauty beyond all others, none can compare –


At least, that’s what I tell her,

When she looks in the mirror.


Carly Zee is friend and lover to all things magic and fantastical, and when she’s not on stage, she writes poetry and erotica.


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