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Rosanna Leo is one of my favourite romance/erotica writers. She crosses the line from paranormal romance and contemporary romance with ease. I am proud to admit there is not a Rosanna Leo novel that I haven’t read. In her latest novel Vice, Rosanna explores the world of gambling, and the effects that obsessive addictive gambling has on families.

Kate is a Vegas singer who moonlights as a volunteer helping families of people who are addicted to gambling. After hearing more and more about Liam Doyle, an upcoming owner/operator from her clients, Kate decides to take matters in her own hands. Determined to make sure Liam knows his new casinos are ruining families and lives she protests at Liam’s new casino. Little does she know that he actions will change not only her life, but the lives of others in a way she would never imagine.

One of the things I love most about Rosanna’s heroines is that they are rarely perfect. In this case Kate suffers from a disease that can be crippling at times. In a world where romance authors paint unattainable pictures of their characters Rosanna breaks the mould and adds realism. This makes it easier for the reader to relate to the heroines in the novel, to feel as though one day we too could be wrapped in the arms of a billionaire that also happens to own several casino’s and has the stamina of a bull:-)

Vice is a perfect read for the beach or during your evening bubble bath with a tall glass of wine. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of Vice, click on the links below for your pre-order.





Brookelynn Berry, is a Canadian wordsmith and lover of all things chocolate-filled. She gets around. A lot. Check her out all over Twisted Sister 😉 And if you’re feeling hot and bothered (and a little bit naughty) check out Brookelynn over here. We won’t tell. Promise.



  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review, Brookelynn. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Vice and appreciate you sharing it.

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