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FICTION — Excerpt from “DISCOVERY”


Brianna parked her car in one of the designated parking spots assigned for management only and turned the ignition off. There was no rush to go up to her office just yet, and she wanted to give herself  some more time to think about what she would say when she saw Charles later in the day. He always had a way of disarming her. She’d made her decision though and now all she had to do was stick to it. Her career had been the conductor of the train that barrelled through and wrecked her first marriage and it would be what stopped this thing with Charles in its tracks as well.

The passenger door opened.

“What the hell!” She cried out, as Charles got in and sat down in the passenger seat.

“Sorry, I just had to do this…” Charles placed his hands on Brianna’s cheeks brought her lips to his for one of his mind-blowing sumptuous kisses. Jesus, how could she think when she was kissed like that?

“I thought about you all night,” he said in a quick breath, “I’ve never wanted, or needed anything more.” He pressed his lips against hers again. Brianna allowed herself to get lost in the oblivion of it.

This kiss began as a slow burning ember, but quickly built up into a raging fire. She knew in that very moment she had no control over herself when in came to Charles. Soon, she felt his thumbs brush against her breasts over her blouse, and her whole body began to hum. And though her mind told her she needed to stop, the next thing Brianna knew, she’d unzipped Charles pants, took him into her mouth, and enjoyed the sounds of his exquisite moans as she lavishly lapped at his cock.

What Brianna did next surprised her more than anything—given her mood when she left the house, and their less-than-private surroundings. She pulled her skirt to her hips and straddled Charles in the passenger seat. The magnificent size of him filled her to perfection. Charles unbuttoned her top and slipped her breasts from their hold, one at a time he took them in his mouth as she pumped her hips against him.

The power and control of it all was all too glorious. There was no more doubt in her mind as she brought them both to a shattering climax. She wasn’t done with Charles, at least not yet.


Brookelynn Berry, is a Canadian wordsmith and lover of all things chocolate-filled. She gets around. A lot. Check her out all over Twisted Sister😉 And if you’re feeling hot and bothered (and a little bit naughty) check out Brookelynn over here. We won’t tell. Promise.



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