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FICTION — Escape

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“Let’s give the children away,” Jenny suggested.

“We can’t, no one would take them, they’re little shits,” he replied with a grin, taking the last drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out in the ash tray beside the bed. Naked and sweaty he got up and headed for the shower.

“They are not little shits!” She cried out with laughter and picked the pillow up tossing it at his ass as he walked away.

“Maybe not, but the fact remains there is no one to pawn the little devils off to.” The door to the washroom closed and she flopped back down on the bed. Was it too much to ask for a weekend away, for a bit of silence? She’d never imagined peace and quiet was such a precious commodity.

“Damn, he’s right,” she said to the empty room.

The sound of the crackling monitor beside her on the night stand reminded her that she was never truly alone. Despite her own wish to stay in bed all afternoon, she got up and dressed. The baby would be waking from his afternoon nap soon anyway and their two eldest boys were at school for a couple more hours. Thank god.

“I tell you what,” her husband opened the bathroom door and stepped into the room in mid-sentence. The towel was wrapped around his waist so low, she wished she hadn’t taken the time to get dressed. She might’ve persuaded him to stay home a bit longer. “I’ll book a weekend away if you look into a babysitter or something,” he continued. “Someone to come to the house.”

“Really?” She hopped into his arms and smacked a huge kiss on his lips.

“Absolutely,” he pried her arms off his shoulders and grabbed his uniform. “Anyway, you have the hard part. You’re the one that has to find someone experienced enough to deal with our three little devils.”

“I’m up for the task. I just need to know when.” She began to help her husband with the buttons on his shirt.

“How about in three weeks?” he suggested “And as an added bonus if we didn’t manage to secure a bun in your oven this go around, we can try again when we’re away.”

“That could work,” She resisted looking her husband directly, mentally counting the days of her cycle. “You sure do clean up nice,” she commented. Finishing with the shirt—she flattened her hand against his chest and ran it down the shirt, going lower and lower.

“Don’t tempt me to start things up again.” He caught her hand before it got too far. “I have to be in court this afternoon.” He grabbed his utility belt from the chair and wrapped it around his waist.

“I just wish you didn’t have to go into work. When you’re on afternoons time seems to go by so quickly.”

“I know, I don’t want to leave you either.” he replied.

But, with a swift kiss he was off and Jenny was left in their bedroom wondering just how she would manage the three little monsters she already had, let alone another one.

As she walked down the stairs to the kitchen she picked up a doll with the eyes gouged out. Gawd they really were shits. No eyes! Really? She walked into the kitchen and tossed the doll in the trash.

Jenny turned on the kettle to make herself a cup of tea, sat down at the table in front of her lap top and opened it. She searched for the babysitters website and began filling out the form for help wanted.

She typed, Experienced Babysitter that Can Handle Three Little Devils Wanted in the title line. Erased it. Tried again.

Desperate Mom, needs a get away. HELP! Jenny hit the delete key continuously again until the subject field was clear.

She tried one more time. Spend the best weekend ever with three fun and energetic boys! Top dollar paid. That should do it, Jenny thought. She finished the ad feeling hopeful.

The kettle finished boiling, so Jenny got up and finished making her tea. When she was done, she checked her inbox on the babysitters wanted website. Sure enough two very capable looking ladies had replied. Jenny felt a little giddy.

Two possible babysitters — that was good — because there was no way they would come back after a night with all three of her boys.

Just then the phone rang. Jenny looked at the phones call display. Damn, it was the school again. She left the call go to the machine and finished her tea.


Brookelynn Berry is fond of escaping regularly, especially to warm tropical places with fancy drinks. When she’s not on a beach somewhere, you can find her scattered around Twisted Sister and working all kinds of hot and bothered over at


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