Donna Krause Twisted Sister Poetry

Poem — Carry my heart

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban


Carry my heart
won’t you please?
Blackened by rejection
and heartache.
Burdens are heavily laden
as carrying a sleeping child.

Depression brings tear drops
Dried by gale force winds
My soul resides in Hell.

Trying to break through
these chains. God? Are
you listening?
Let me feel balanced
A land where anguish
is amiss.

I’ll rest on new clouds
Wanting to fly away.
Like sparrows take flight
I look at the sky
the color’s bright
I can see the sun as it
kisses the horizon

My hope restored.



Donna Krause lives in  a suburb of Philadelphia with her pipe-smoking boyfriend and her cat, Onyx. She has a BA in sociology from Gwynned Mercy College and  three children. Donna writes from the heart and about what she lives; she is an advocate for mental illness, having had bipolar disorder since age 21. Donna has worked as a therapist and is an active participant in a weekly writing group. Her publishing credits include Transcendent Visions and Idea Gems.

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