Ruth Z. Deming Twisted Sister Poetry

POEM — White Adirondack Chairs

image - leftofurban
image – leftofurban

Yes, dear, I’ll have the Bud Lite

in the cobalt blue bottle, and, if

you don’t mind, a pack of cigarettes,

any kind will do.


Oh, Freddie, I don’t want you

smoking again. Look what it

did to your throat just before



Please, Mary, I’m well aware. It’s

just that I’m….


I know, I know, Fred, you’re half

hysterical as am I at what our

thieving lying vain exhibitionist

son might do if he’s elected

by the even dumber folks

who follow him.


Did you know, Mary, our son didn’t

even know that Mein Kampf was

the German name for the famous



Mind if I join you, Fred, with the

beer and the cigs. I’ve got a

bad bad feeling all the way up here.


Ruth Z. Deming, a psychotherapist, has had her work published in lit mags including The Legendary, Literary Yard, Mad Swirl and Writing Disorder. She lives in Willow Grove, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. She runs New Directions Support Group for people with depression, bipolar disorder and their loved ones. Her blog is

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