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ON WRITING POST — BOOK REVIEW: Stephen King’s On Writing

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The best part about writing, at least for me, is the creation of the story. I have no problem coming up with plot line, character and (hopefully) if I do my job right,  plot twists that bring the reader to their knees. Heck, I’ve got a whole note-book filled with novel ideas. But when it comes to editing I cower like a child who’s Halloween candy is about to be stolen by the neighbourhood bully.

I can handle the truth–trust me. If it’s a shit piece, then I’ll fix it. Here’s the rub, no matter how much I work on a manuscript I’m never truly satisfied. Never.

I can tweak and play with a manuscript for ages and ages (case in point my erotica trilogy) and still not be truly happy with it. So what do I do next?

Well,  I got help. A lovely group of local writers. We meet regularly and edit each others work. I love these ladies. They are my rock. I get a little help from my long time friend Liz McAdams too.

(Liz chimes in — awe, shucks *blushing*)

And I read. This particular time, the book was On Writing, by Stephen King. I’ve always been a HUGE fan.  A little known fact about yours truly is that I’ve been reading Stephen King, Anne Rice, Bentley Little, and Dean Koontz since I was a saucy pre-teen. Tons of other macabre writers have breezed through my life, far too many to continue to mention. But I love it. The dark side is deep with in me.

On Writing chronicles Stephen King‘s experience with writing and it is a fantastic story in and of its self. We’ve all been there, slogging in front of our note book, computer, or typewriter. Unsure of our talent. Unclear if we are writing the ‘right’ thing. At some point I thought, if Steven King can be rejected, then so can I! It’s what you learn from that rejection that’s important–trust me.

The best part of On Writing was the section in which Stephen details writing, its process (as he sees it), best practises and editing suggestions. These parts I devoured as though it were my favourite chocolate, maybe even my bible (yep I went there).

(Ed note — it sure as hell is my bible 😉

Macabre is not for everyone, and for every fan of Stephen King I am sure there is someone who does not care for his writing. Never the less, his understanding of the craft that is writing and its creative process is extensive.

If you are a writer, it is more than worth your time to pick Stephen King’s, On Writing up. Keep it in your library, because I am positive you’ll refer back to it. If you’re not a writer, get it anyway, its a seriously good read.

Even as I sit here leafing through the book, I think, I need to read this again. In fact I’ll start this evening.

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