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Twisted Sister – New Releases and Greatest Hits

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We’re mixing the old with some new at Twisted Sister, stick and around and check ‘em out. Find old favorites and discover new ones. And be sure to check out A Moment of Pause – our thanks to you for all your contributions. We truly appreciate all of our readers and writers, and remain humbled and awed by you all.

First up – Our New Releases

The Runner A quirky take on love, relationships, insects, and mental illness all twisted together.

Buddies — Good friends will only go so far.

Letters — We all have neighbours like this.

Shattered — A marriage gone wrong.

I’m with the Band — Step back stage in this novel excerpt where things are pretty complicated. And loud.

Essay – Balls, Revisited — A exclusive behind the scenes peek of the not-so secret life of Twisted Sister lit mag, and a must read for any aspiring female writer.

MUST READ — our Tragically Hip concert review as we come to terms with the end of the career of Canadian singer, songwriter, and poet, Gord Downie.


And be sure to stick around and check out our Greatest Hits – hit replay on some classics or discover some new faves.

Alice Makes a Pudding

The Appointment

The Dream Machine

First Kiss

A Good Student – The Tale of Yvonique


Seven Lean Years

A Shave Too Close

Poems – we have too many great ones to list – check out our Poetry page, you’ll be glad you did.

We seem to have a thing for frogs – check out The Summer of the Frogs and Frogs n’ Shit – both score high in the squish factor.

Of course we have some stuff from Liz McAdamsInterview with the Boogey Man and a spooky (and bug-filled) excerpt from Lot 149.

Don’t forget about our killer book reviews and articles from Brookelynn Berry — not exactly killer books, except maybe the werewolf onethe other’s pretty hot, but not deadly, and then she has this sexy thing over here – er, just check them out. You’ll be glad you did.


In all of this, writing, rock and roll, old faves and some new releases, be sure to send us some fiction, poetry, or even an essay or two – we’d love to hear your voice, because here at Twisted Sister We Want YOU!

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban


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