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Image – leftofurban


(Apologies of course to the real Writer’s Digest, but we couldn’t think of a better title.)

This of course is your crash course in all things writing – and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure you can add more to the discussion. So send us a post or essay sharing your brilliant insights. We want to hear from YOU!!


Essay – Balls, Revisited on all things literary with children underfoot.

BOOK REVIEW — Stephen King’s On Writing

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Advice: You’ve got to sell your heart

How to write – LOTS – Twisted Sister

Quick Points from Stephen King’s On Writing

Rules for Writing Fiction from Elmore Leonard

EXCERPT — SPAG and all that Crap – an guide to editing and writing your final drafts.

Stuff That Kills Writing

Thoughts on Editing, Grammar, and stuff

What to do when you can’t write

Why Work for Free?

And Why Work for Free – the Truth behind Twisted Sister lit mag

In all of this, writing, rock and roll, old faves and some new releases, be sure to send us some fiction, poetry, or even an essay or two – we’d love to hear your voice, because here at Twisted Sister, We Want YOU!


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