Randomness from Twisted Sister

We Want: Food and Sex. Lots of it.


Uh, that’s a really nice pie. Image – leftofurban

In a literary form, you twisted little folks.

Head’s up for our future issues – we’re looking for fiction and poems about food, food, glorious food. Give us your best about fine vintages or cheap plonk, greasy burgers or exquisite cuisine. And, if you check out Alice Makes a Pudding, you’ll see we have a thing for desert.

And chocolate. Oooh… lots of chocolate.

A little bit later we’re gonna get the sexy back on – we’re talking about steaming up the place with some talk about *ahem* alternative lifestyles that aren’t so alternative now that Fifty Shades of Grey is splashed all over the damned place.

Let’s see what you folks can do with a literary approach to Kink 101 (or a master’s level, if you prefer) or just hit the BDSM train real damn hard in your writerly best.

Food and Sex – what happens if you combine the two together?

I’m leaving that one for you to write about — all in good taste, of course. (Pun intended 😉

Give us your weird and twisted little stories – we want your flash, your fiction, your poems, your factual stuff – we want YOU!!

Copy and paste your submissions in an email to twistedsisterlitmag@gmail.com or use our handy dandy form over here. (NO attachments please)


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