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Twisted Sister – Still rocking out back to school

If you’re getting tired of all this rock and roll around here – we got a special guest Karaoke spotlight from the amazing Cindy Rosmus, editor of Yellow Mama. The weird and wonderful folks at Black Petals and Yellow Mama have been more than kind to us — go on over and check out the action over there, we’ll wait for you. You might see Liz McAdams over there too. Tell her we said hi.

Back already?

Alright then.

In the spirit of all things back to school, we’re telling you to hit the books – hard — and have all kinds of fantastic book reviews scattered around this site. Be sure to check out Rosanna Leo’s Vice for some serious heat, and check that monstrously huge essay by Liz McAdams for some free Ebooks – give Dracula, Frankenstein or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a reread over the long weekend.

And in case you missed it the first time ‘round, we have Brookelynn Berry’s review of the Kelley Armstrong classic – Stolen over here. But now we’re featuring Kelley Armstrong’s Led Astray – a collection of short stories and a must read for any fantasy fan – vampires, werewolves, zombies, come together with other supernaturals and kick ass. Pick it up for the long weekend, and you won’t be disappointed.

But we’re really excited about this one — Brookelynn has kindly given us an interview with horror author Matt Holgate; and like everything she does, it’s a little bit naughty. (Yep, they said threesome.)

OK, we’ll wait for you this time for sure.

Now that you’re back, if you missed out on our greatest hits and some hot new releases – don’t worry, we got that for you right here – hit replay and check it out.

Fresh up — we’ve got some stories with a school theme – Liz McAdam’s story about a school girl and crows (told you she was weird), and in case you missed The Good Student – The Tale of Yvonique it’ll have you rethinking boarding school. Of course – poets, bless your twisted little hearts – we got you all over, but most recently here and there. (Ruth Deming’s Ode to a Painful Foot is sure become a classic 😉

Tired of school and want to escape? We’ve got all kinds of weird and wonderful things happening around here. Like a visit to an apartment with an interesting view; or a lovely story about a drowning (you got that right); or a couple of guys finding themselves bumping shoulders in the same line of work. Of course, Brookelynn Berry’s story about a bowling alley will have you rethinking strikes.

Tired of the heavy stuff? Sit back and sip some sweet tea and check into Roadhouse; stay as long as you’d like, most of the folks around here are just passing through. In this excerpt of Roadhouse, the end of summer’s bringing all kinds of change in this supercool novel set in the 1940s American south.

Which brings us back to things like history, and school. (Or did you forget about that?)

And of course, what’s school without a little writing? Check out the Twisted Sister Writer’s Digest (with apologies to the real Writer’s Digest) for some tips on all things grammatical and composition-wise. And be sure to send us yours – what gets you writing?


Twisted Sister

Be sure to check out what we’re looking for next – we’re talking Food and Sex, and let’s see if you can combine the two in weird and wonderful ways.


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