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POEM — The Circle of Life

Image – leftofurban

Kind souls form
a circle of light
arms link, weave
in and out.

Sweet empathy
heartfelt and warm
Tears trickling down
my cheeks, hiding a
family wall of dismay.
Light came toward me now
Afraid to join them
Shock from John’s death
Melting away
Easier to be alone
Fear lurked in my heart
Voices calling me still.

Found the courage to belong
Sunlight danced in my eyes
Taking in the fresh winter air
Enveloped by the circle of life.


Donna Krause lives in  a suburb of Philadelphia with her pipe-smoking boyfriend and her cat, Onyx. She has a BA in sociology from Gwynned Mercy College and  three children. Donna writes from the heart and about what she lives; she is an advocate for mental illness, having had bipolar disorder since age 21. Donna has worked as a therapist and is an active participant in a weekly writing group. Her publishing credits include Transcendent Visions and Idea Gems.

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

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