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Twisted Sister — Fun with Food


Whoot! We have Kelley Armstrong’s FAQ to share with all you writers out there, so go check it out. Now.

We’ll have a little snack while we wait.

Back already? Alright…

Welcome to our fun with food issue at Twisted Sister lit mag; and around here, we have a pretty twisted sense of taste. Of course, you can find us poisoning all kinds of folks – back over in Alice’s pudding and over there in Edna’s home cooking. And we might even have a surprise in the oven for you.

We’re very excited about some new arrivals here and here — both by Carolyn Ward and both featuring chocolate, so really, how could we say no?

And we have a poem involving poultry here — which may be roasted or broiled, or just —

But for fine dining, may we suggest you try our French Restaurant?

Oh, la, la — we take French cuisine to new heights with exquisite table service that will have you coming back for more. And more. And maybe just a little bit –

You get the picture.

If you’re feeling thirsty, we have plenty to drink on the rocks, straight up, or wine by the glass.

We’re mixing up a little of this and a bit of that — we’ve got at really twisted dystopian take on white supremacists cooking up ‘dark meat,’ and blood on the menu at Brookelynn Berry’s dinner party, and you can guess what they’re doing back over here in a coven of witches.

Come to think of it, you might not want to come for supper any time soon.

We’re rocking all things weird and food-like – for both those dining, and the (gulp) meals themselves.

Heck, we’re reheating some leftovers for y’all right now – check ‘em out.

GJ Hart’s close shave is worth a reread, ‘cuz shaving too close isn’t what it’s all about. And in that bent, check out The Dream Machine one more time, because if you’re not eating, you’re soon to be eaten. If you missed Shattered, you’ll be reconsidering coffee or tea; and in Chicken Bone Sunday Mama brings her incarcerated son a chicken dinner with fatal consequences.

So what’s up with all the food?

It’s a common denominator, we all gotta eat sometime, and what better way to get to somebody than through a nice home cooked meal. Of course, you might wanna ask Edna about that.

Bon appetite, mes amis,


Twisted Sister

Hey folks – as always, don’t forget we’re looking for YOU. Send us your weird, your strange, your spooky little ramblings about things that go bump in the night.

And – for an upcoming issue – we’re looking to get our sexy back on so send us your best, your heaviest, your wildest and wettest, um, flash. Or full length fiction. Over even a poem or two. Hit us with whatever you got, baby, we’ll totally make it worth your while.

But wait — there’s more!

We’re going to be launching a People’s Choice Issue — so go vote for your favorite authors and pieces — we’ll tally up your twisted lil’ votes and launch it in a week. What you want — you get. Got it?




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