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Hey, we’re (mostly) Canadian, eh


Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

Wow, wouldya look at that –

Right now we have all kinds of Canadians on tap – Alexa Farley, Melinda, Kim Matheson, Brookelynn Berry, Liz McAdams and yours truly.

So in the spirit of all things Canadiana, we have a killer FAQ from fellow Canadian and horror and dark fantasy writer, Kelley Armstrong on her advice for writers.

(Insert drumroll, and be sure to drop by Kelley Armstrong’s site to see what else she’s doing – there’s free chapter excerpts and all kinds of good things going on.)

In case you missed the reviews on Kelley Armstrong’s Stolen and Led Astray, we got them for you. And if you missed the interview by Brookelynn Berry (another Canadian) with fellow Canadian (they’re everywhere) Matt Holgate, we got that for you. (Brookelynn manages to get the heat on in that one – the word ‘threesome’ pops up. A lot.)

And if you’re feeling left out, because you’re not Canadian (or not in a threesome), don’t worry, we don’t have any kind of wall or strict immigration policies – just shoot us some fiction, poems or essays from wherever you’re from and drop us a line and come on by.

We’ll gladly share our coffee and donut holes (also known as ‘Tim bits’ in our national tongue of TimHortonese).

But don’t let all these crazy Canadians scare you, cozy up, the internet makes the world a small place. Come join us, we don’t bite — too hard.


Twisted Sister

image – leftofurban

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