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Twisted Sister People’s Choice Issue


Holy moly, look at you all – you folks look fantastic out there. And we love you for it.

We love the way different voices come together to create something truly special here at Twisted Sister.

We’d like to thank our followers and contributors – on the site, around Twitter (and some even stalk us through Facebook). Without you folks we’d be nothing, just our little ol’selves rambling away.

So, in honour of all of you guys, we’re hosting a People’s Choice Issue – vote on your faves and we’ll tally it all up, and showcase whatever you twisted lil’ folks decide is the best.

Rules for voting – choose your favorite piece(s) and vote as many times as you want (!).

That’s it. No rigging, no voter ID, nada.

You like it, tell us. You want it, we do it. ‘Nuf said.

How do you vote, you ask?

Hit us up on Twitter, and let us know you like a piece with likes and RTs all over the place. On WordPress, just hit the like button, drop us a comment or two (or three) or send us an email telling us what you like.

As an added bonus in all things twisted, we’ll remain open to submissions and be posting what ever fresh meat comes our way. So you can still send us your flash, your full length fiction, your poems and essays — AND VOTE ON THEM!!!

How twisted is that?

In a week, we’ll compile the results, and let the people have their say.

Sound easy?

Let the voting begin.


Twisted Sister

Just so you have all the details — you can find us all over the damned place:

On Twitter — we’re at @twistedsisterlm

On WordPress — we’re right here, at https://twistedsisterlitmag.wordpress.com/

By email twistedsisterlitmag@gmail.com

Or use this handy-dandy form below.

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Image — leftofurban

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