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Twisted Sister Wish List — We Want YOU!!


Hey there, you twisted little things,

We’re looking for you. Got some flash? Some poems? Some short stories or reviews?

Don’t know what to do with them? Send ’em our way.

We want you. (or at least your work.)

Just shoot us an email to or use the handy-dandy form over here, copy and paste and voila! Your work is in our hot little hands, and we bet you can’t wait to see what we do with it…

What are we looking for right now?

Of course, we’re always looking for whatever weird and wonderful creations come into your twisted little heads (be sure to check out our People’s Choice Issue for what rocks around here). Scare the pants off us, freak us out, make us wonder weird things, crack us up, or, just gross us out — or, try it all at once.

We simply want your twisted little souls.

Head’s up for the next couple issues —

We’re gonna try to stay respectable for a while so there’s still a bit time to send us your parenting stories and poems (A.M. Pief, I’m looking at you.)  But after that, we’ll be putting the strange and sexy back on – so send us your best, your worst, your kinkiest (yep, we’re talking BDSM), because we WANT YOU!

Try to crack us up

The fine print on submissions —

NO attachments please, copy and paste your work in the body of an email. Don’t go nuts formatting, just KISS and we’ll talk later. A bio and a website is nice to include, but not necessary.

You as the author retain all rights to your work, and we discourage reblogging and unauthorized sharing from our site.

We remain a non-paying site, just fame and glory folks, like lots of indie lit mags around here. (Check out Why Work for Free for reasons why sharing your work for free is a good idea and more places to submit to.)

Tell us what you think

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