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POEM — Black Moon

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban


Crippled brain

Chemicals darting

Blind ants

Devil’s deed

Black moon

Frightened stars

Weary heart

Decomposing soul

Fuck the world!


Colorado mountains

Jagged peaks

Crumbled stones

Untied boots

Exhausted limbs


Another embryo

Cushioned in the womb

Shattered if carried

With bipolar arms

Lullabies sung

Gale March winds

Etched crevices

Parched skin


Nonna’s wardens

Narrowing eyes

Raised brats

All her own


She’s shrinking to


Born alone


Final curtain

Burnt flesh

Before day break


Yearning to die

What purpose have I?

Walk with me Jesus

The time is nigh!


Donna Krause lives in  a suburb of Philadelphia with her pipe-smoking boyfriend and her cat, Onyx. She has a BA in sociology from Gwynned Mercy College and  three children. Donna writes from the heart and about what she lives; she is an advocate for mental illness, having had bipolar disorder since age 21. Donna has worked as a therapist and is an active participant in a weekly writing group. Her publishing credits include Transcendent Visions and Idea Gems.

Please also see Donna’s related Poem on the loss of a child, Mariel’s Flight.


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