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POEM — Mariel’s Flight

Can ‘t you see her flying

She’s gliding, diving

Above the glow

Of the lazy moon

Mariel’s unraveling

Basking in peacefulness

She has no sense of despair

Near fear of the unknown

Her mood is pleasant

And unchanging

Her inner strength

Is imbedded in her soul

Negativity is fading

Like snapshots

Of her life

All locked up

No key in sight

No humans are

Inhabiting the earth

Only Mariel is in flight

She’s as light

As a pillow of feathers

Her speed is faster now

The marshmallow clouds

Look like tasty treats

Mariel is absorbing

Her independence

A brand new feeling

There is no destination

And she’s never looking back

Mariel Louisa Krause

5/24/1984 to 4/9/2001


Donna Krause lives in  a suburb of Philadelphia with her pipe-smoking boyfriend and her cat, Onyx. She has a BA in sociology from Gwynned Mercy College and  three children. Donna writes from the heart and about what she lives; she is an advocate for mental illness, having had bipolar disorder since age 21. Donna has worked as a therapist and is an active participant in a weekly writing group. Her publishing credits include Transcendent Visions and Idea Gems.

Please also see Donna’s related poem, Black Moon on loss and grief.

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