Carly Zee Twisted Sister Payback Twisted Sister Poetry

POEM – Retribution



Her mind drifted through the aeons

In ancient times when a group of travellers

was met with violence

And those seeking peace offered up virgins instead

The screams of the women in the darkness

And the spilling of blood

of a different sort

Was deemed acceptable by those around her

In the beginning, there was –

Man’s word, twisted into lies.


She picked up her sword and glanced down at the blade, the edge gleaming in cold light

She, who was known by many names throughout time

Shiva the destroyer; Angel of darkness

And giver of life

Blood runs from her hands in both birth

And in death.


Her thoughts drifted again throughout history

Where the screams of women were met by indifference

Rights falsely proclaimed on wedding nights amid protests and cries

As their bodies were claimed by both church and state.


Sitting high above on her perch,

With wings furled around her

She saw

Voices long silenced

Or not considered at all

Deemed foolish and silly;

Yet carried the load of many

On long wearied shoulders

Hands held to fevered brows


Bloodstained as they guided new life into the world

And those same hands,

Long suffering,

Eased those out of it.


Birth and death intertwined, a constant truth


Time and time again,

Those born into a sea of bloodshed

Had no memory or recollection of the sacrifices made on their behalf

And chose instead to participate in a slaughter of sorts

Tissues still developing

Yet possessing particular traits

Was deemed unfit

‘Enough of them around already’

‘And such a hard lot in life’

‘Better to spare her from all this’


She stretched out her wings,


And admired their dark glossiness

Perfect for gliding into the night


She beat her wings – once, twice, and again and again –


Testing slender feathers

And sharp blade


The angel unfolded her wings and launched into flight

Her sword by her side

And the voices of a multitude behind her

For this time

The Angel of Death would be



Carly Zee is a writer and poet who pushes many boundaries and truths. Carly can be found at



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