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What the heck?

Image - Z photography
Image – Z photography

You might notice we’re making some changes around Twisted Sister. We’re proudly showcasing the freaks and weirdos who make things run around here – that’s you, my friends, our beloved contributors. Truly, we couldn’t do it without you. (And yeah, we know we’re still missing a few peeps here and there, so if it’s really bugging you, drop us a line, and we’ll make sure you get in pronto.)

We’ve still got some exciting things happening in the basement – your place to submit, er, questionable work, in the hopes that mob rule can make it better. Worst case, you end up more confused than when you started. Best case, you end up with an awesome pieces and some new ideas. Either way, it’s worth a try.

(Our entrance to the basement is now in the sidebar so you folks can find it a little easier, or just follow the link here.)

And finally, here’s the quick list of what’s on tap around here. We’re still looking for those last few dead sexy, so hot you can’t touch ‘em kink pieces. (Yes, we’re talking BDSM folks.) Make us tie our knickers in a knot (or do other naughty things with them) – give us your flash, your fiction, your poems hitting on the theme of good ol’ BDSM real damn hard. Heck, we’d even appreciate a good essay on the matter.

Drop us a line or send us an email, just show us what you got.

Uh, maybe we should rephrase that.

(Ed disclaimer – keep it safe, sane, consensual, and in, uh, good taste folks – no abuse of women, children, animals (the jury’s still out on vegetable matter) but the bottom line’s nothing so f@cked up we can’t read it.)

Last but not least, we’re getting ready for Halloween (insert screams of excitement). There’s still a few spots left for flash, fiction, and poems. Give us your weird, your strange, your spooky – let those zombies and vampires march across your twisted little minds.

Make us laugh, make us cringe, make us too scared to turn off the lights – give us your best, your worst, your whatever, because we want YOU!


Twisted Sister

Image - leftofurban Gross us out, weird us out -- we want you
Image – leftofurban
Gross us out, or weird us out — we want you

The fine print on submissions —

NO attachments please, copy and paste your work in the body of an email. Don’t go nuts formatting, just KISS and we’ll talk later. A bio and a website is nice to include, but not necessary.

You as the author retain all rights to your work, and we discourage reblogging and unauthorized sharing from our site.

We remain a non-paying site, just fame and glory folks, like lots of indie lit mags around here. (Check out Why Work for Free for reasons why sharing your work for free is a good idea and more places to submit to.)

Image - Z photography Submit to Twisted Sister, and you'll be in good company
Image – Z photography
Submit to Twisted Sister, and you’ll be in good company


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