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It’s Alive! Twisted Sister – Halloween Issue is finally here

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

We’re lurching our way through the Twisted Sister Halloween issue – and for those following, yes, we finally rounded up those zombies. (Thanks to jfx mcloughlin for coming to the rescue.)

In the classic Twisted Sister style of rocking out the old with the new, we’ve got some great reads on tap. Are haunted houses your thing? Brookelynn Berry’s Devil’s Night and Lot 149 are worth a visit (we got a haunted apartment too). Vampires? Werewolves? Oh my – we have them all over. Be sure to check out Liz McAdam’s Trick or Treat or Fortune Becomes You, or First Kiss, or the new poem, She.

And our favorite coven of witches is now fully available for your, ahem, reading pleasure (did that sound right?) Tinder Sacrifices is smart, sexy, and bloody, and will have you rethinking this whole online dating thing.

Or, wanna play it safe, wear a maskmaybe go to a party, do some karaoke, or hang with some pumpkins? Have fun with Caleb Echterling’s Trojan Pumpkin, or spend some time with the Boogey Man.

Spooky and weird poems are all over – we love Madhuri Pavamani’s Taboo (and stay tuned for more work by her) and we’ve visited one of the great-granddaddy’s of horror and dark fantasy with classic poems by H.P. Lovecraft. Seriously, folks, why couldn’t we study this in English class instead of some dead dude who writes a bunch of plays were people talk funny? (kidding folks, seriously, just kidding)

Before we get a literary lynch mob after us, we get our literary cred for all things spooky with this monstrous essay on monsters – check it out for the free eBooks and spend some time with the classics of horror. (Dracula’s seriously worth a reread just to get that image of poor Jonathon and the weird sisters on their knees before him, licking their lips… you get the picture.)


Twisted Sister


(Ed. Note — those zombies sure did a number on things around here, so don’t panic if things get shifted around as our Halloween issue comes to life.)

Don’t forget — that without you folks, we’re nothing, so we really appreciate all you do. Drop us a line, send us some flash, fiction, or poems — because We Want YOU!


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