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POEM — On Women Who Run With Wolves

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

you talk too loud too much all the time

it’s your way or no way

argumentative understates your everything

you are a control freak

determined to emasculate

the men in your life

and so she turned inward

spoke in low tones

tamped her intellect

you crave the bizarre

indulging your body in grotesqueries

allowing many any all to touch and fuck and suck

giving into your most animalistic self

as if you have no control or care

for the normal

and so she put away her toys

closed herself to magic

made her body his temple

you decimate everyone in your life

it’s impossible to love you

when your entire being

is focused on assholery and bullshit

why do you think

you have no friends no family nothing

and so she skirted the peripheries of life

small and bewildered

saddened by her ugliest self

until that night

of gnashing teeth and bared claws

mouths a froth

eyes wild with fury

when she realized with a sudden start

the problem did not lie at her feet

her soul was not rotten

she needn’t take ownership of his fuckery

when she listened to the howl

the call of bated breath and packs on the hunt

a wilderness in the pit of her belly

waiting to be discovered explored embraced

and she ran with her wolves

the fire of her youth

the majesty of her self

that wondrous being of light love intelligence

that luminous woman meant to kiss sigh laugh

that deadly beast never to be tamed controlled contained

she fought back

she found herself

she won


Madhuri Pavamani is a writer of dark and erotic fiction and poetry. Her upcoming novel ‘Dutch’ has been called ‘unapologetically smutty’ and ‘dark and sexy and bloody’ — and you bet we’re looking forward to reading it! Madhuri can be found at or you can follow her on Twitter @MadhuriWrites

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban


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