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Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

Given the current (ulp) political situation, we’re lowering the flag to half-mast in a literary way around Twisted Sister and showcasing Liz McAdam’s The Man Who Knew. This story (previously deemed ‘not right’ for Twisted Sister) seems just about right, right now – elements of classic noir and sci fi come together in a chilling way.

As a feminist horror and dark fantasy lit mag, our mandate is to (in some weird and twisted way) uphold principals of feminism – which in a nutshell are about equality between ALL people – men, women, straight, gay, trans, black, white, brown – you name it. We do this through showcasing cool characters and writers from diverse backgrounds.

Now, I like a post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy, same as the next person the next person — but it looks like the shit just got real for my American friends. Honestly, this election was a doozy for most folks, a true choice between the lesser of two evils (and as a Canadian, I sadly acknowledge Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s two terms (yep, we voted for him – twice).

It seems to me that the folks who voted for a certain candidate did so partly for their religious and personal beliefs – that Clinton’s pro-choice stance took votes away from her. And to me that’s the real tragedy – when one’s convictions are so skewed, one loses sight of the message – the meaning behind the words, and integral embodiment of this in the self — and ends up shooting the messenger instead.

History is filled with instances of shooting the messenger – folks who try to tell society some truth about life and a better way to live it. Notable names include Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Jesus Christ among others, which is way we’re showcasing The Man Who Knew, it’s a classic case of shooting the messenger.

I think in this instance of political clime, we have only to blame ourselves.


Twisted Sister


Political PS

In this shoot the messenger issue, we’re sure as hell not saying Clinton is some kind of deity from outer space, just that the entire political situation is f@cked. Be sure to check out our ‘Not a Pussy’ issue for more on this one.

And, the now iconic image from leftofurban we use is called ‘The Assassination.’ How’s that for irony?

Image - leftofurban
Image – leftofurban

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