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FLASH FICTION — Halfway to Almost Dead

She loved her, she really did, she always had. They agreed to marry just last night, on the party boat. More than just agreed, they actually had a mock ceremony aboard the yacht, presided over by the captain and attended by the few friends and many strangers. Not exactly legally binding, but it was so romantic. So romantic, much more romantic than holding the gun against the side of her head waiting for her to die just so she could kill her again . . . because she was half way to almost dead.

“Girl, this is something you have to do, if you plan on making it off the beach,” the captain said.

“But why?” The tears, the nausea, the shaking made it impossible for her to focus on the face behind the voice.

“Because this is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. Everything after will come easy, without thought or hesitation. Do this and you will survive the day. Do this, and you can come with us.”

The party boat captain walked away but did not turn away. He settled in a few paces back, lifted his own weapon getting its feel, setting its sight. If she didn’t do it, he would do them both.

A sob, or sigh, he could not be sure which, shook her body a final time. Stock to shoulder, he readied his shot.

The reverberating blast surprised him. Amazingly, she did not wait for her to turn.

Damn, she was only half way to almost dead!

“Welcome aboard, sweetheart,” the captain muttered to the wind.


JJ (aka jfx mcloughlin) came to our rescue in times of zombie-crisis and is the mysterious force behind deadsurvivors and jimmy junk. Be sure to check out A Man’s Castle, and look for JJ waving an AR-15 and booking it out of town.

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