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Twisted Sister — What’s In The Water Around Here Anyway?

You guys are freaks – and we love you for it. In a weird and wonderful turn of events, our cups runneth over with fiction and poems that are truly water-based. So for this issue we’re pulling out all stops (or the plug, as it were) and asking what the hell’s in the water around here.

We seem to have enough liquid-based fiction to float a navy – so jump into this week’s issue of all things wet and wild, in a literary way, of course.

We’ve got a couple shipwrecks, and rewrites of history, which is always fun, from Joshua Scully and SS Sanderson. We’ll have you saying anchor’s aweigh and avast ye land lubber before you know it. But, before you step onboard, you might want to rethink that party boat cruise.

And, in case you missed it, along the lines of our submersible theme we have a lovely piece about drowning, a story involving an old lady and a hot tub, and a poem about intoxication.

So you might want to bring a life jacket for those ones.

Shipwrecks and drownings aside, we seem to have a thing for bathroomsCarolyn Ward’s not-so relaxing bath and a visit to Liz McAdam’s Lot 149, but Madhuri Pavamani really kicks up the heat around here that will have you rethinking bathroom design. Sexy, scary – whatever your bathroom needs — welcome to Twisted Sister.

And don’t worry a thing about drinking the water – you’ll be just fine.


Twisted Sister


Hey folks — we have an eye for submissions for the winter holidays — Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, New Year’s, whatever — give us your sparkly best. Or, just give us your plain old weird and strange fiction and poems — we’ll still love you for it. For the details, check out We Want YOU!! (Because you know we really do want you. Or at least your work.)

What's in the water around here anyway?
Bottom’s up! What’s in the water around here anyway?

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