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POEM – Rue Sainte Monique

Image - Michael Anthony circleMstudios
Image – Michael Anthony

Pleas of soundly
chastened brides
echo through the alleyways.

Ghosts of bygone
lament in scented drawers.

Housemaids blush at
either end
when Mistress bears the hairbrush.

Yardsticks mark the
upturned rumps
of shameless company girls.


Lee Todd Lacks seeks to blur the distinctions between rants, chants, anecdotes, and anthems.  His experience of living with significant vision and hearing deficits often informs his writing and artwork, which have appeared in The Monarch Review, Bop Dead City, Liquid Imagination, Crack The Spine, The Quarterday Review, Tincture Journal, YELLOW MAMA, Oldstyle Tales Press, and elsewhere. His poem, “Durgin-Park,” won the Bop Dead City Beginnings Contest in July of 2015. In October of 2015, his spoken-word poem, “Holocaust Memorial,” won the Blue Monday Review Storytime Challenge.

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