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Twisted Sister – The Naughty List


We’re a little behind the here at Twisted Sister, (insert standard Canadian apology), but let’s just say that we’ve earned a firm place for ourselves on the Naughty List.

And that’s not such a bad place to be.

As the holiday season approaches, you can find yourself inundated with Christmas music commandeering the radio airwaves, ‘holiday specials’ on television featuring tree lighting and cheesy pop songs, and crowds rivalling a zombie apocalypse shuffling through shopping malls. You might want to grab that extra glass of eggnog, especially when faced with smoozing with coworkers you can’t stand at the office party, and drunken family festivities with even more relatives you can’t stand, and that damned eerie Elf on the Shelf everywhere.

It makes a plague of darkness seem like a good thing.

So to kick off the Naughty List, we’re gonna visit some of the Seven Deadly Sins (you know those baddies – Lust, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, and Gluttony) because if you’re going to be bad, you may as well be classically bad. So let’s visit everyone’s favorite, Lust (because hopefully that damned Elf on the Shelf won’t show up) and while we’re there, some of our other deadly sins get twisted in.

Of course, here at Twisted Sister when we get our sexy on, it’s in a pretty twisted way. We’ve got Christian Domestic Discipline Barbie (which we prefer over that stupid Elf any day) and Rue Sainte Monique from Lee Todd Lacks,  The Conroys of Monroe and a pizza delivery that’ll have you rethinking those boring folks from the ‘burbs.

(Michael Anthony, writer of The Conroys on Monroe also is the main photographer around this week’s issue, stupid Elf pics aside. But we digress.)

Brookelynn Berry brings out the sexy in a crime piece (handcuffs? yes please). And a great read from Shirley Golden will have you all twisted around the trunk of a car. We have an atmosphere-infused excerpt from A Tale of Yvonique and a selection of poems from Carly Zee that are just dripping with lust (in a literary way); and, if you get sick of all this sexy relationship-stuff, check out An Unexpected Package from LiAnnah Jameson.


Twisted Sister


Don’t forget to send your weird and wonderful fiction, poems, and flash pieces our way. We always want YOU! (or at least we want your writing.)

Uh, nice banana there, Elf.
Uh, nice banana there, Elf.

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