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Twisted Sister Goes Shopping

Some people love shopping – the sights, the sounds, the smells of malls – and others would prefer a zombie apocalypse to standing in yet another line up.

Given the holiday season is upon us, we’re going shopping – for that perfect gift, or just spending some time in the stores. Joshua Scully’s Clockwork gives a chilling account of the behind the scenes life in a department store, and we’ve finally found some zombies just in time for the holidays (with a chilling nod at excess consumerism).

Liz McAdams has clearly been standing in too many line ups and will have you rethinking those little old ladies who seem to hold everybody up, and her Shopping With Selma gives a new meaning to those deals to die for. Our resident photographer Fotohack witnesses a shoot out in the toy aisle that becomes other worldly

Guess that makes you glad you can order almost everything online, right?

And in case you missed it, we’ve still got our Naughty List around, because, why be good when you can be naughty?


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We remain open to submissions over the holidays – sent us your weird, your strange, your darkest and twisted poems, fiction, essays or reviews – because we want YOU!

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