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Twisted Sister Holiday Issue


Welcome to the Twisted Sister Holiday Issue – and man, do we have issues.

If Christmas is supposed to be a time of enjoying the company of family and friends, we’ve got some weird families out there — weapons for breakfast in Louder Than Words, and reprints of The Christmas That Cracked, and Boom, Bust and a twisted take on childrearing in the Art Of Parenting (take note in case that damned Elf on the Shelf isn’t working for you).

And if the family doesn’t do you in, the decorations just might.

We’ve got spooky Christmas trees, dangerous ornaments, and an evil Elf on the Shelf. And our triple play of poems from Carly Zee (including Snowballs and Jingle Belle) will have you on the Naughty List for sure.

And if you’re packing it all in and fleeing for safety, you might want to avoid Safe House — because if they don’t get you on the outside… Anyway, give it a read, you’ll be glad you did.

In case you missed it, we still have our Naughty List around, and what’s Christmas without Shopping? Be sure to check out Clockwork and The Last of the Furbies, and that holiday classic, Don’t Mess with Little Old Ladies. Looking for that perfect holiday gift? Look no further than this season’s must have item —  Christian Domestic Discipline Barbie An Unexpected Package?

Don’t worry, if all the festivities are too much for you, hang with some Zombies or The Conroys of Monroe.

Now for a serious moment — a very big thank you to all our contributors, we truly appreciate all your work, and couldn’t run this lil’ lit mag without you.

Merry Christmas.


Twisted Sister



We’re still open for submissions during the holidays, so send us your strange and twisted little thoughts — poems, fiction — short stories, excerpts of longer pieces, and flash are all welcome. We’d love to see some reviews or nonfiction pieces come our way as well. (Just keep Liz McAdams and her tendency to go over word counts out of it.)

Head’s up folks —  in the new year we’re going to be doing an all-things menstruation issuesend us your ramblings, poems and fiction rag-related. (Men are welcome to chime in, ‘cuz we’re about equality after all.)

Drop us a line at or use the handy contact form over here.


Still something creepy about that Elf
Still something creepy about that Elf

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