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Behind the Scenes: Twisted Sister Editorial Meeting

Twisted Sister — When truth is stranger than fiction…

You gotta check out this discussion (apologies for the lousy pics — but I was threatened with loss of my phone!) For the full version of things, check out Twisted Sister Counts Down for our Top Picks for 2016


If you’re looking for the list of Twisted Sister Top Reads from 2016 that these freaks picked out, it’s over here. Our New Year, New Voices is here. We’ve got our Naughty List, Holiday Issue, Payback’s a Bitch, and our All Lady Writer Round Up around too. Enjoy!


Slappy New Year everybody! (it's that damned Elf again... somebody's gonna get him good)
Slappy New Year everybody!
(it’s that damned Elf again… somebody’s gonna get him good)

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