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Twisted Sister – New Year, New Voices

Welcome to Twisted Sister – we’re ringing in the New Year by celebrating some new voices around here – newbies, we welcome you with open arms. (We were going to call it the ‘Twisted Sister — Virgin Issue’ but we thought we’d go with the New Year’s theme, because we’re classy like that.)

Twisted Sister is a place for all things strange, and well, twisted, so we’re very excited about the strange and twisted little souls who have come out of the woodwork recently, and are devoting this issue to featuring new writers around here.

(And Remington Murphy, he’s here because you can’t bring in the New Year without remembering the old, and his poems sure have time, and change, and, well, old, covered. We love him for it.)

So, in the spirit of all things strange and twisted, we’re proud to feature Cthulhu On A Tricycle (yes, you read that right), and if you have children in your life, you might appreciate this darkly funny, horrific, and grotesque story. (Ed. Note – I found myself recalling the story as I struggled to put a hyperactive and overtired three year old to bed at 2 am – something about flailing arms and legs reminded me of octopus tendrils.)

(Another Ed. Note — For those who don’t know, Cthulhu is a cosmic being created by H.P. Lovecraft, and has been a staple of weird fiction since 1928.)

Back to the New Year’s — now that the excesses of the holiday season are over, you might find yourself drawn to the rush of Melting Neurons To Ink – think, On The Road, written in contemporary times, with a heavy dose of Douglas Adams and overall strange. We love it.

Michael Marrotti brings a gritty poetic voice to a one night stand, and given his work, F.D.A Approved Poetry, it’s fitting that the encounter begins in a pharmacy. And in terms of poems, we have a double hit of experimental poetry from Rose Knapp, be sure to check them out.

In our fiction selection, Sarah Little brings us The Green Fairy, a magical journey into another land. Sliding into the darker side we have medical noir in Under An Umbrella, and Daddy Has Red Lips will have you humming ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ for quite a while.

And in case you missed some of our recent highlights, we’ve got our jury selected Twisted Sister Top Picks for 2016 (just don’t go near our Vaseline-filled jury discussion), our Naughty List, and the truly killer, Payback’s a Bitch.

Be sure to check out our contributors on Twitter or drop by their sites and show them some love – there’s a whole lotta cool stuff going on everywhere.


Twisted Sister

Comments, complaints, requests? Drop us a line (or send us some work) over at our handy dandy form — because, dear readers and writers, without you, we’d be nothing — we always want YOU!!


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