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Twisted Sister – Let’s hear it for the guys

What can be more twisted than a feminist lit mag featuring a bunch of male writers? You got it right here on Twisted Sister, where we’re happy to hang with the guys, and are true to this whole equal rights thing. (And kinda ironic given the recent Women’s March that shattered the world.)

But honestly, we Canadians are inclined to say ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ and shake out heads disapprovingly at (some of) our southern neighbours. You can check out some of our thoughts on all things Trump-like from Kirsten Doyle, Liz McAdams, and visit our Not a Pussy issue and We’re Not a Pussy essay.

What we love about Twisted Sister is you, dear readers and writers – we’ve got a strange space filled with like minded folks who don’t always fit the traditional conventions of a genre – stories and writers spill over the edge, dribbling into all kinds of messy places. Stuff that doesn’t quite fit other places seems to fit here (Cthulhu on a Tricycle and Where the Spirits Take Them are great examples).

Our regular readers will notice things we’ve fell through a time warp with a couple gaps in the space-time thingy – blame cosmic influence, the flu, or Friday the 13th – whatever, Twisted Sister fell by the wayside for a bit (insert standard Canadian apology), but don’t worry, we back and we’re better than ever. And we’ve got a great lineup for you.

If winter weather has got you down, try taking a holiday to a sunny beach and a hot air balloon ride to check out the tropical scenery. Or if cops and crime are more you thing, check out Steve Tillman’s detective thriller or David Wolf’s excerpt from a killer novel. We’ve got a heavy dose of strange from Remington Murphy and dark poetry from David Spicer, and Nick Black’s Ally McBealzebub will have you rethinking the complications that come from marrying and divorcing a lawyer – or worse.

Of course, we’ve shoved Liz McAdams into the mix to keep things Canadian and (somewhat) feminist. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride.


Twisted Sister

In terms of pushing the space-time continuum, we’d like to see a little more sci fi around Twisted Sister, like zombies, these things can be hard to come by, so if you see any alien beings floating around, be sure to send them our way – we want YOU

But maybe that given our current political climate, perhaps some post apocalyptic dystopian fiction is more appropriate… But, we digress. (Just send it in anyway.)

And, to keep the gender balance in this feminist lit mag, don’t forget to check out our All Lady Writer Round Up and our feature of new voices around Twisted Sister.


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