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Twisted Sister – A Horror-filled week

This week’s issue was going to be a focus on horror and dark things, starting off with a killer discussion of women in horror, how to craft great scenes, and some fantastic reads for you all.

Then the US presidential inauguration happened.

And between the whole alternative facts nonsense, and five million people marching, strange policies restricting immigration, reviews of healthcare, proposals to build walls, rogue national parks tweeting climate change facts, and restrictions the release of information from the EPA, things just went sideways.

And this is only the first week into the current presidency.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know it was a very difficult election year for all you Americans, but we echo horror writer Stephen King in saying that we would rather ANYONE other than Donald Trump – left, right, or centre – had taken the Oath of Office.

But it looks like Trump’s here to stay.

Which, in an indirect way, leads us right back to our original focus on horror, because sometimes the monsters we create are easier to deal with.

We’ve got a deliciously dark line up for you – worry dragons, a corpse grinder, horror in reverse, miso soup and dark poems from Carly Zee, Susannah Jordan, and Donna Krause.

If you just want to chill out with the latest on Netflix (or hunker down in your fallout shelter), be sure to give Sarah Myle’s excerpt from Feminist Flicker a read – it’s a history of horror films, from a feminist perspective, and Sarah’s insights relate to writing as well (we all know that last (wo)man standing thing).

All you #amwriting folks better get busy, we have Rayne Hall’s advice for creating a tension-filled scary scene, and honestly, given the current political situation, you sure have a lot to write about.



Twisted Sister

In case you missed our all male-writer review, we’ve got that right here. Things got sort of lost in the political fall out of the inauguration.


OK, so here’s the Trump rant – we’ve built our own wall, and we’re filling it with essays, poems and fiction related to POTUS.

As much as we admire the sort of ‘keep calm, carry on’ stance that kept Britain afloat during the WWII, we as a FEMINIST lit mag, that supports positive representation of women and equality for all, feel some things are worth saying. LOUDLY. So, we created a Weenie Wall, and we’re shelving some essays and our Not a Pussy issue over there, and unlike Trump’s actual weenie, we’re hoping this page will grow. Be sure to send us your finest dystopian political fantasies and post apocalyptic visions, we got a real nice space for them on our Weenie Wall.

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