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POEM — Overwhelmed in the Feminine Hygiene Aisle

She fumbled through the aisles

Seeking –

Relief – or a solution – she forgot which one

And continued on her


Now – nearly, quite overwhelmed

With choice


Or attainment

Or some unspeakable truth


Pushing past plastic packaging

A litany of choices


And picking up one – and then another –

She wondered how she’d ever make her decision


Wings – or flaps – full length – or mini – supersized – for maximum – coverage – or comfort – discrete – or plush-filled – with strings – or none –


Picking up packages

And staring at fine print

She knew

It all came down to


The same damned thing.



Carly Zee is a writer and poet who loves fine things and simple solutions and gets overwhelmed quite easily. Her work appears online in various venues, including Twisted Sister, and will be appearing soon in Shot Glass Journal. You can reach Carly through


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