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Twisted Sister ‘On The Rag’ Issue

A visit from Aunt Flow. Mother Nature’s Little Gift. That time of the month. An excuse to eat chips and chocolate and binge watch Netflix. Call it what you will, we’re talking periods, menstrual cycles, and all things hormonal.

Here at Twisted Sister we’re boldly going where no man (or lit mag) has gone beforewelcome to our menstruation issue. And judging from the gushing lack of response, only a few brave souls dared submit to our blood-stained issue (and most have done some pretty stellar double hitters).

Menstruation has long been a topic of taboo and cornerstone of horror (Sarah Myles in Feminist Flicker will tell you that), and you might reconsider the repressive Victorian sexuality of Dracula in this light (something about those Weird Sisters going down on their knees for poor ol’ Jonathon). Along this line, we have a review of the classic movie Carrie (Plug it up! Plug it up!) from DVD Infatuation. And, just to keep things high on the level of bodily fluids and possible gross out, we have a post by Rayne Hall on writing gore in horror (where she shares that copywriter’s secret – figure out who your reader is, and give them what they want).

So, welcome to that time of the month, where it really is the best of times, or the worst of times, or maybe everything mixed together. Our fine writers have brought out the gross, the sexy, the magical, the mysterious, and the hormonal challenges that those monthly visits from Aunt Flow bring.

Scooch down’ for a read about life in the stirrups from ‘patient x’ or be prepared to be overwhelmed in a trip down the feminine hygiene aisle (plus sized? strings? wings? light days?). We’ve got fiction and poems about the mystical relationship between menstruation and the moon from Merida Bartley, and Liz McAdam’s sci fi piece Full Moon on Sago. Diana Kirk takes on all things hormonal and blood spattered in She’s a Bitch and Tampon Trigger.

But be sure to stick around for the raunchy sexiness (or sexy raunchiness) as Michael Marrotti and Carly Zee explore sex on the rag. (But not together, you sickos. We’re not *that* kind of magazine.)

So welcome to our first annual menstruation-themed issue of Twisted Sister, and if we still around long enough, you might be invited to our first annual ‘Menopausal’ issue too.


Twisted Sister

PS. If you’re looking for our Weenie Wall, created in honour of US president Donald Trump, we’ve got that for you here. Be sure to check out our all-male writer review, and our New Year, New Voices issue. Of course, dear readers (and writers), we would be nothing without you, be sure to send us your flash, your fiction, poems and essays, we want YOU!

Image retrieved from vintageadbrowser.com
Image retrieved from vintageadbrowser.com

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