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Twisted Sister – The VD Issue

VD – Valentine’s Day, is on everyone’s lips, seeing as we’re launching this issue on February 14th.

Here are Twisted Sister we believe in free love, or at least a cheap date. And we’ve got a great line up of lust and love-filled reads for you.

Regular readers, don’t worry, we’re still twisted, so don’t expect pink sparkly hearts all over the place. (And I think Liz McAdams just stomped on a cupid, so think of us as an anti-Valentine’s issue, or something. Maybe just stick with the VD, and we’ll go places.)

We’re pushing all kinds of relationships around here. Liz McAdams takes us on a blind date, and Ignatious Fluke gives us a beautifully twisted comic. We have some sexy going on in Gary Clifton’s killer cop story, and Michael Anthony’s Flyby Girl, and a strange affair from David Spicier that will have you snarling asshole!

Ruth Deming gives us the Woman Who Loved Too Much, and Thomas Fillion gives a dating ad like no other in Single White Slice. Keeping with the food theme, or possibly the all-consuming nature of love, we have Consumption by Madeline Anthes, Fiona and Glen by Chris Milan, and Carly Zee’s True Love.

Finally, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to take a moment to say, thank you, dear readers and writers; without you, we’d be nothing. We love you, truly we do.


Twisted Sister

Be sure to check out our recent issues of Twisted Sister On The Rag, Horror, and our New Year, New Voices. And of course, we always want you — send us your poems, your fiction, your rants.

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