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POEM — Single White Slice

single white slice of
day old Wonder
looking for
a relationship
with mustard and
mayo and
who knows what else!?
loves lying in the sun
under a toaster oven
and taking a French dip
with peppercorns
fascinated by exotic locations in Turkey
and Hamburg where the Beatles
got their act together
before they returned to Liverwurst
not too wild about pudding
unless soaked in rum
with inebriated raisins
willing to share the blue plate special
with potato chips and a pickle
sometimes has a craving
for a swath of peanut butter
and bacon
kindly send all replies
to my private breadbox
no croutons, please




Thomas Fillion is the author of The Dream Mechanic, Giuseppe’s Award, When The Moon Is In The Seventh House, New England Book Of The Dead, and a collection of poems, Archipelago Of Myself. Please visit him at or!/dreammechanic or on Twitter @dream_mechanic



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