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the ringing rhyme

the ringing rhyme
the rook of time
the sound of the sea
in the wind
the creak of the bone
in the bend
in the weight of the water
the groan in the song
of the strong ship



Meg Baird lives her life in a poetic kind of steam pot. Poems come to her as life moves her to protect her feelings and thoughts in words. She’s been writing in this way since her early 30’s. Her memory is what takes most people’s interest at readings. Everyone says how different it is to listen to someone who’s reciting a work. This is a gift she takes little credit for but hopes she is using to its full potential. She’s been published in a couple of hard copy books: Spring Pulse (2009), CV2: Poetry Only (2011) and in several ezines, including Yellow Mama, Apollo’s Lyre, Open Heart Forgery, Anemone Sidecare, Pracha Review as well as some dedicated artists compiled specialities such as Fluidity and Fourth Floor Images. Her poem, city without you is also on Twisted Sister.

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