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Twisted Sister — The Homage Issue

Wow, look at all you lovely, twisted, little people out there. We at Twisted Sister would be nothing without you folks — our readers and contributors — you help keep this thing running.

So, as a way of saying thanks, we’re launching our homage issue — our way of acknowledging some of the people who have come before us and the people whose work affects our own.

Recently a couple of the folks behind Twisted Sister had a chance to attend a writing workshop with Canadian writer and New York Times best seller, Kelley Armstrong. (Many thanks to Brian Henry for coordinating that one.) We have our description of the workshop and a recent book review over here. Be sure to check them out, there are links to free excerpts of her work.

With respect to acknowledging people who affect our lives and our work, Joshua Scully has a heartfelt tribute to the late actor Bill Paxton (you might know him from films such as Predator 2, Alien, The Terminator).

In keeping things somewhat sombre around here, we have a selection of poems from Anthony Crowley, Meg Baird, Teresa Frazee, and Susannah Jordan’s Stuck and Updo.

And then we received a Letter to the Editor from a contributor concerning a recent payment for work submitted to Twisted Sister. From Caleb Echterling, at his finest.

At the end of Women in Horror Month (or, what we like to call ‘every day life’ around Twisted Sister), we’d like to acknowledge some of the women who writer horror and dark fantasy — Rayne Hall and Jean Rae Baxter for their advice on writing, and The Horror Zine’s, Jeani Rector, for calling Twisted Sister lit mag ‘unique’.

(This, in fact, may be an understatement.)

Of course, we have a review of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House and links to her short stories available for FREE online.

Finally, many thanks the incredible Cindy Rosmus from Yellow Mama for her behind the scenes help, truly, we couldn’t do this lit mag thing without her.


Twisted Sister


Don’t forget dear readers and writers, we always want YOU! Send us your flash, fiction, poetry, rants, and reviews — we like things dark and deliciously twisted.

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