Anthony Crowley Twisted Sister Poetry

POEM — The Fallen Angel

‘I never felt alive on this dreaded world called Earth

I’ve been driven into sadness and pain all my past life

The darkened blessed shadows allowed me for a beginning of a

Symbolic rebirth…

If time can momentously be gone

What shall become of us?

Frosted, frozen and forgetting who we are

And once were a

Meaningless soul

My destiny screams out of my lost and empty blackened heart

I am not fallen, just an immortal child with sad wings upon me…

The paths of wisdom approached me for an escapade of dire sins…

The heavens shall break,

And fall into angelic dust

Archangels above me

Never seem to cherish an unbroken trust

Guidance I always wanted and needed to feel

I rise before the gods of the astral planes

I am banished into the sea of fire

I become a mystified illusion and depicting my own worst fear

The spiritual voices inside me,

Demand I shall kneel,

Finally, I become much stronger in this brave new isolated world

I am awaiting the Gods to call my name

My name is punished,

And risen from this realm,

Lost inside a thought of darkness

I am the temptress with blackened Babylon stretched wings

I take my entire vengeance and climb into the heavens above

I’ll tear down the gates of peace

I am immortalised…

I am the Queen,

Not a King,

You’ll shall see and not forget the torment I’ll bring…

Feminine in my soul,

In my heart has strength of two,

No heaven or man’s land,

Shall stop me now

Clawing my way out of the abyss,

All I needed was the angelic charm

… And to lure the Devil’s kiss.



(The Fallen Angel first appeared in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 14, 20th October, 2013)

Anthony Crowley is an award-winning author, poet, screenwriter, actor, activist, and naturist. Anthony’s Libro De Lumine (The Book of the Light) is now available and Stripped Verses will be available in 2017. He is currently completing Stripped Verses, a naturism and body positivity poetry collection.

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