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POEM — Trainees

The two of them lollipopped their toes ready

for battering and deep frying.

They opened their fingers up

one by one like they’d learned to open up

a leg of lamb to butterfly it

on that meat and fish skills course

when the store first opened.

They bagged and weighed the trimmings

properly for disposal and sat themselves

on the meat counter and waited,

murmuring Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

recipes for braised ox-cheek to each other,

quietly amazed their mouths still worked.




Anna Kahn is a member of the Roundhouse Collective and is in her second year as a Barbican Young Poet. She lives in London with two cats and one human. By day she works in tech doing something largely inexplicable. She blogs at and tweets at @AnnaCarlaKahn

Celebrating International Women’s Day in our own twisted way around Twisted Sister lit mag

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