Anna Kahn Twisted Sister Feminist Twisted Sister International Women's Day Twisted Sister Poetry

POEM — Whittler

After Laurie Ogden’s Digging


Sandpaper and craft knife

and sand knife and craft paper.

Master sculptor, she guarantees

she’ll build your thighs to be head-turners.


The insides she

shapes spin if not

perfectly then



She’ll build your thighs to be head-turners.

Don’t you want to be a world for

someone? Be inventoried

correctly, spare parts soothed?




Anna Kahn is a member of the Roundhouse Collective and is in her second year as a Barbican Young Poet. She lives in London with two cats and one human. By day she works in tech doing something largely inexplicable. She blogs at and tweets at @AnnaCarlaKahn

Celebrating International Women’s Day in our own weird way around Twisted Sister lit mag

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