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Twisted Sister Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are great – they have magic, transformative elements, a strong sense of good versus evil, and usually some bad parents thrown into the mix. But – and here’s the big but – in hundreds of years of remakes, the popular versions still end with a prince and princess getting married and living happily ever after.

Add in some generally passive and compliant princesses who do little to change their lot in life other than hang with woodland creatures and sing and wash some floors, and you have stories that might be box office hits, but wouldn’t make the cut at Twisted Sister. Something about lack of strong female characters and overall lack of diversity. See Fairy Tale Princesses Piss Me Off for more on this.

So, we’re pleased to roll out some alternative fairy tales – Christina Rosso’s Becoming a Beast, Joshua Scully’s Icelandic Fairy Tale, and a double hitter from Liz McAdams Beauty and the Beast and Stockholm Syndrome, and Cinderella and the Probate Will. Carly Zee gives us a complete a remake of Beauty and the Beast. We also have some alternatives to fairy tales that still retain elements of magic, transformation, and misunderstood downtrodden characters – Linda Barret’s Butterfly and Ruth Deming’s Gibberish.

And in case you haven’t noticed before, we tend to do things differently around here, so sit back and enjoy the ride. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our Editor’s Picks and our F-Word (family) issue.

You’ll be glad you did.


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