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POEM — Beauty and the Beast, redone

Ah, my poor papa

Unfortunate soul

Who’d wandered too close

To the evil Beast’s lair


A towered castle

Where very few entered,

And none left, ever

Their bodies not seeing

The warm light of day


This I knew, for the stories abound

And knowing a darker truth

I chose carefully, searching through

My books of fine knowledge

Prepared to rescue my dear papa


A phial of this, a planger of that

For they say, dose makes the poison

And what they say, it is true

But for my own safe-keeping

I tucked up a dagger, into my skirts

The sheath bound with lacing

Against my thigh


And so prepared, I met the Beast’s roars

With cool indifference

And offered a trade – my father’s life for my own

The Beast seized his chance

To have a fair maiden; dutiful daughter

Giving up

— the old man instead


That first night, like those not told in stories

Of a maiden’s first ventures into another man’s home

Ending in blood shed, and stained sheets

And tearful sobbing

While the triumphant hero struts proudly

Secured in his manhood, through marital rape


I knew those stories, and thus prepared

My sleeping draughts and dagger sharp

Agreed in fact, to the Beast’s requests

To dine with him that night


And while he supped, and raised his glass

I offered to fix

A morsel upon his plate

With a dash of seasoning, all my own


The dunderish fool agreed,

Of course

And his loud snores soon rattled the castle walls

It was then I seized my chance

And plunged my dagger

— into his throat


Blood, oh the blood,

The sight of glorious blood

Coppery tang filled the air

As it streamed down, spattering

Fine linens and furnishings


The Beast, he lay immobile,

Drugged far beyond awareness

His chest hitched, eyes fluttered

And I watched as he gasped out his last breath

And turning away from my would-be suitor

I made my way back home

For I would never be held

Captive, by any man or beast




Carly Zee is a lover of fine things, like fine chocolate and finer erotic. Her work appears scattered around, you can connect with her at

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