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We’re going through some changes — excuse the mess and check out our Greatest Hits while good things happen. And yeah, we’re still open for submissions, so send ’em our way.

For regular readers, sorry folks (insert standard Canadian apology here) we’re stuck in a literary holding pattern on Twisted Sister. Something about too much work to do, the kids underfoot, and no childcare in sight. (See all the versions of our essay Balls (one, two, and three) for more on the modern day challenges of women writing fiction.)

You know how it is — meals to cook, dishes to do, novels to write, and websites to restructure – all that jazz.

In less than a year we at Twisted Sister have grown tremendously and are now bursting at the seams. We’re thrilled to share hundreds of submissions online and love connecting with you, dear writers, your voice that makes us what we are. And although we’re still a bit shy on Facebook, you can catch us on Twitter @twistedsisterlm. (And there’s a ‘follow button’ somewhere around this site — can’t find a thing in all this mess.)

Or, just drop us a line at

As part of our restructuring, you can expect some loud noises and general chaos going on (even more than usual), and if you know of somebody who’s handy with Wordpress (& can work on a non-existent budget) send ’em our way.  But – we assure you, Twisted Sister is not going anywhere. And in the mean time be sure to check out some of our favorites from past issues:

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All-Lady Writer Round Up

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The F-word (Family) issue

Fairy Tales


The Naughty List

A Horror-filled Week

And, Parenting Parts One and Two

But wait, there’s more – we’re still open for submissions during our pause for renovations. Send us your dark fantasy, strange fiction, horror and Twilight Zone-esque weird – just keep it with a feminist vibe. Poems, stories, and various ramblings are all welcome.

Dear writers, we truly appreciate your weird and wonderful worlds – we always want YOU!


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*gulp* we hope… but be sure to stick around 😉

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