Rob Dominelli

POEM — Genny Walks With Jesus

She walks the corridors slowly

She don’t need a guard

She’s armored in her faith you see

Her bible is her ward

She’s not there to point the finger

She’s seen and heard it all

She might be five foot nothin’ man

But her shadow’s ten feet tall

And she won’t talk religion

If God just ain’t your thing

But if you’re coming to her service bro

You better believe you’ll sing

From the lowliest of con men

To the toughest guys in town

Genny walks with Jesus, man

Nobody fucks around




A life-long resident of Sudbury, Ontario, Rob Dominelli is one who was always keen on the written word, but, believing it wouldn’t amount to anything, he gave it up. Having spent much of the late nineties in a cycle of dependency and incarceration, he returned to writing again, creating silly stories to amuse other inmates. Fortunately for us, Rob continued writing after his release. His work appears various places, including in Latitude 46 Publications and  Where the Spirits Take Them on Twisted Sister .  Rob (and more of his stories) can be found at 

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