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Welcome to Twisted Sister lit mag -- a feminist, queer positive place for dark writing.
Photo credit - Kyle Hemmings
Photo credit – Kyle Hemmings

We are Twisted Sister – the lit mag (with apologies to Dee Snider)

Who the heck are we?

I am you.

(Peter Straub, Ghost Story)

If you like things on the darker side, this is the place for you. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, shapeshifters or whatever, c’mon down. If you find yourself reading or writing weird twisted stuff that somehow makes sense, c’mon down, this is for you. If you’re a newbie writer or a seasoned pro, and want to try something new or share it with the world, this is your space, my friend. Get your ass over here.

If you get tired of trying to run with the big boys, and just want to take your ball and go home, this is your space. Feminist and queer positive fiction, welcome to it, baby.

Be sure to stick around and check us out.

We are a couple chicks who love reading and writing so much we thought it would be a great idea to give up even more of our precious spare time (that we don’t have) to create a feminist and queer positive space for showcasing great work that just happens to be dark. And twisted.

If you wanna know more about what we think about feminist horror and dark fantasy, we’ve got a post for you here, and what we think about writing is over there. Everything else is just hanging out all over, but you might want to start with our contributor’s page and check the freaks over there.

And although we’re a new kid on the block, we’ve been around for a while, in other forms and venues; so stick around, and check us out; and if you want to talk or send us some work, use the handy-dandy contact form.

We won’t bite – too hard.


Twisted Sister

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