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Welcome to Twisted Sister lit mag – now we’re talking back to school with a rock n’ roll twist.

Summer vacation’s nearly over. Are those monsters – er, we mean children — driving you nuts yet? You might relate to Brookelynn Berry’s Escape. Check it out if you haven’t already done so. Or maybe Balls, Revisited – a writer’s take on having children is more your speed.

And that’s the theme of this issue. Old, new, back to school and a serious side of rock and roll.

Want to tighten your writing chops? It’s time for back to school for all of us, we’ve got all kinds of writing advice scattered around, and we’re asking you to send us your best hints. What gets you started? What are your writing rituals – are you a Zen-like calm and green tea writer, or more of a crank the tunes and go with the flow? Tell us.

Think of us as a back to school writing crash course, with no textbooks required (such is the wonder of the web). But if you’ve never picked up Stephen King’s On Writing, you might want to give it a serious read, we have a review on it here and a couple pieces of advice from it over there. Oh, and we threw in an excerpt from an awesome editing guide for good measure.

You might guess that some of us are a crank the tunes and go with the flow kind of writer (in the good ol’ pantser vs planner debates). So crank those tunes (or pour yourself a cup of tea, hey we won’t judge) – we’ve got a greatest hits line up of fiction for you right here. Check out some favorites, or ones you missed the first time round, and poets, bless your tortured little souls, we’ve got a whole page for you folks – just keep ‘em coming.

And speaking of poetry and rock and roll, we’ve got a review of The Tragically Hip’s final concert — an iconic Canadian band that has made the decision end a nearly 30 year career in light of frontman and singer songwriter Gord Downie’s recent diagnosis of brain cancer. Bring tissues for that one.


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Hit me hard, hit me fast, hit me write where it hurts (pun intended). Check out more on the craft of writing back here. And don’t forget our New Releases and Greatest Hits – crank ‘em up and let ‘em roll.

Got a weird and strange little story or poem floating around that you don’t quite know what to do with? Send it our way — we always want YOU!!

Photo credit - Kyle Hemmings
Photo credit – Kyle Hemmings