ARCHIVE Twisted Sister Parenting Issue — or, stop it now, before I —





Twisted Sister Parenting Issue — or, stop it now, before I —


Are the kids around?

No? Good, then let’s start off our parenting issue of Twisted Sister by hitting play on Paw Patrol (season three’s on Netflix!) and let’s sit back with a nice cup of tea, or, perhaps a glass or two of wine. And if it’s before lunch, don’t worry, we won’t judge, we’ve had those days too.

So, although we love the little darlings, Brookelynn Berry’s Escape pretty much sums it up with all things child-like and childcare-wise – no one else will take them, because they’re shits.

Except when they are so damned cute.

And that leads us right into issues of parenting around Twisted Sister – yes, we’ve legally obligated to take care of them, and yes, they drive us completely batty, but under it all, we love them to pieces.

Or at least we do when they’re sleeping.

In the spirit of trying to work with kids underfoot, check out Balls, Revisited. Again. Yep, we keep spinning off of Balls, and Balls, Revisited. Lest you believe we have a testicular fetish (that’s for the next issue, folks) all things ball-like around here refer to the sheer strength and tenacity a woman needs to write, and to write well. A sort of modern take on a Room of One’s Own that says for a woman to write, and to write well, she needs balls (fictitious, of course).

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times –

Sorry, I zoned out — wrong essay, all this literary talk had me goin’. We’re talking parenting here, aren’t we? The best and worst of it all.

We’ve got some tear jerkers in Bev Hanna’s Lines and Lisa Washbrook’s Art of Deception. But sure to stick around for a laugh or two in Admiring a Baby (a monologue to be read aloud, preferably while channelling your ol’ Scottish nanny). We’ve got a kick ass working mom in Steve Tillman’s Payback; a mother who’s love knows no bounds in Catherine McKenzie’s Something from the Garden, and a mom putting everything on the line in Gone. In all things twisted and family-wise, we’re super excited to have A Cracked Up Christmas from Cindy Rosmus, the tough talking editor from Yellow Mama with a heart of gold. Gotta love her.

And stick around, check us out – we sure don’t bite, but the kids do.


Twisted Sister

Next up – we’re gonna try to stay respectable for a while so there’s still a bit time to send us your parenting stories and poems (A.M. Pief, I’m looking at you) ‘cuz we’re so thrilled with our submissions, we’re doing a double issue on parenting. And of course, we’re always looking for whatever weird and wonderful creations come into your twisted little heads. But after that, we’ll be putting the strange and sexy back on – so send us your best, your worst, your kinkiest, because we WANT YOU!


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